Creative Work Hour

Creative Work Hour

Creative Work Hour is a full suite of customized online events that feel like they are held IRL. Some are daily, some weekly, but there are also monthly, quarterly, and in February each year where we host an annual life-design event. There are one-off events as well. Here we’ll highlight the most popular ones.


💫 Creative Work Hour

Our flagship event Creative Work Hour is your time and space to work on what is most important to you, personally, without regards to what you do for a living or what your other roles in life are.
You won't need to make time or take time for your project. Here, in a caring virtual space, you are given time to do it.
Without effort or intention on your part, creative work gets pushed aside for the more urgent tasks. Together we say, no more! During this time, "urgent" 🛑 is gonna have to wait, because–
We believe in this shared hour.
We believe we are stronger together.
We believe that Creative Work Matters.
It is in the magic recipe of live sessions and a kid's clubhouse kind of "show & tell," that loving friendships form that support personal growth and creative expression. In this family of friends, we defend your right to create. We support that part of you that thrives working alongside others doing the same. This is your time to shine!
Main Session Daily at 10am ET
Bonus Second Hour, Daily at 11am ET

💫 Cuppa Joe

This is where you can enjoy a cuppa joe with other creatives before Creative Work Hour starts.
We host daily 30-minute coffee breaks where we talk about a variety of things including projects, tools, problems with tools, and even screen sharing to find a solution for your creative work.
We troubleshoot, show-n-tell our shiny new things and even screen share to assist with unsticking a digital sticking point.
Sometimes we digress, but snap to it to solve almost any second-brain kinda problem as needed. Helpful and always fun.
We'd love to sip a CuppaJoe with you! ☕️
Daily at 9:30am ET

💫 Practice Not Perfect

Practice Not Perfect is the same concept as CWH, but adapted for musicians, including a a secret sauce – it amplifies the power of body doubling in a free-from-judgment online practice studio. Founded 14 February, 2022 for the love of music, it is designed to build resilience by way of trustworthy support. This is where you can bring music back into your life, where dreams come true. 🎶
Got something to play or sing? Come on, give us a try : )
Daily at 7pm ET

💫 Weekly Review

You want a dope cheat for productivity?
Then you want to do WEEKLY REVIEWS!✨ Even if you're new to Weekly Reviews, no problemo.
We're here to help. Just show up. We’ll show you how.
This is co-working with a curated playlist to enhance flow. 🎧 We Host 2 Reviews per Week:
Mondays at 11am ET Friendly for those in Americas, Europe, and Western Africa
Thursdays at 8pm ET Friendly for those in N & S America, Eastern Africa, Asia (+1), and Oceania (+1)

💫 Monthly Review

All New!! Featuring Wai Ling Fong
Happening every last Sunday of the month throughout 2024.


CWH Monthly Review Guiding Values



January 2024 Monthly Review Resources and Templates
February 2024 Monthly Review Resource - 🆕 Fillable PDF
March 2024 Monthly Review Resource - 🆕 Fillable PDF
April 2024 Monthly Review Resource - 🆕 Fillable PDF
May 2024 Monthly Review Resource - 🆕 Fillable PDF
Guest hosts needed for June and July 2024. Contact Alessandra White if you are interested to host.

💫 Office Hours for Creative Support

This is your link to book for personalized support with your Creative Work, that which we might possibly value more than anybody else in your life!
I can help you with Discord and Hive, as well as engineering for breakthroughs. Like you, I am a life-long learner. During the evolution of CWH from a warm fussy idea to the thriving crew it is today, I discovered that part of the *secret sauce* of Creative Work Hour is teaching not just what you know but also teaching what you are learning. We teach each other.
Book here on CWH’s Calendar 📅.

💫 CWH × DreemPortfolio Creative Support

Introduction here:
Schedule here:



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