CWH Monthly Review Guiding Values

The Creative Work Hour monthly review focuses on Intentional Living.

By dedicating time and space for this, we ensure we stay in alignment with our goals and values for the year.
The guiding values for Intentional Living that inform the Monthly Review are shaped by the values of Creative Work Hour.
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  • Creativity
    • All intentional decisions involve a degree of creativity. Intentional living requires filtering out the daily noise and clutter that are not in alignment with how we want to live. Your journey towards intentional living is uniquely yours. For this creative spirit to thrive, we need to create space for it. And you can do it here in your Monthly Review.
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  • Curiosity
    • Approach this Monthly Review with curiosity rather than judgement. By doing so, you also embrace the value of compassion, accepting that all that you've done all you could this month. Instead of feeling regret for missed opportunities or unfulfilled tasks, meet yourself with curiosity and compassion, focusing on what you can do next.
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  • Courage
    • We need courage to decide how we want to live, define our success, chase our dreams, and make mistakes independently from others' opinions. Here we embrace courage through honest self-reflection and discovering and staying in alignment with the life we want to live.